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Proud to support the Royal British Legion

Posted 10 Oct 2016   By Easton Bevins

Easton Bevins were proud to support and sponsor Jeremy Easton who took part in the amazing Major Series South “mud run”.

Jeremy raised a fantastic £855 for the Royal British Legion and finished in a brilliant time of 1 hr 33!

Jeremy told us about the event and it's 10K course:

"The British Military Fitness team send you off in waves and mine left at 10:30am on a rainy and cool Saturday morning. The Start and Finish lines were at the top of quite a steep hill, which is a pleasant enough way to start a run, but those of you with better forward thinking than me will note that it is not a good way to finish one, a fact that only really became apparent to me with 1km to go".

We were informed that there was lots of mud. Jeremy added "There is deep mud, shallow mud, sticky mud, slippery mud, gloopy mud, stinky mud, flying mud, festering mud and any other kind you can think of". He also learned that road running does not prepare you fully for sliding and skating your way up and down hills!

Sounds great!

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