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Posted 14 Dec 2016   By Easton Bevins

Today we look back two months! Time does move so fast.

Today we look back two months! Time does move so fast.

The team had a full morning of presentations at our popular in-house staff CPD event day.

We were fortunate to receive a very interesting and engaging presentation from Roger Martindale, professional ecologist with over 20 years’ experience of protected species (plants and animals) and environmental impact assessments. 

An approved trainer for Natural England, Bat Conservation Trust, Institute of Ecology Environmental Management and advisor to Natural England, Local Authorities and Jersey State Government.  

Roger has a wide range of experience in all sectors including the residential, oil and gas, quarrying, demolition, chemical industry and historic property sectors.  He has also been involved in Public Inquiries, planning appeals and conservation projects and an expert witness and presented papers at national and international conferences.

We learned everything from bats to dormice, what to look out for and what to think about. 

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