Dilapidations are claims for damages that your landlord can put forward if you haven’t left the building the way it should have been under the terms of your lease. 

A schedule of dilapidations is typically presented by the landlord to the tenant towards the end of the lease term, which can often come as an unexpected surprise.

We are experienced in providing dilapidations advice and negotiation from all of our office bases. The situations in which our surveyors can advise are:

  • Preparing and serving dilapidations claims by the landlord during and at the end of the term
  • Responding to, and managing, dilapidation claims on behalf of the tenant

We have acted for and negotiated Dilapidations for a wide range of clients on properties ranging from:

  • Small retail units
  • Industrial estates
  • National Supermarkets
  • Office blocks

Please contact us to discuss the processes involved with managing a dilapidations claim.

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