Full Building Survey

This survey is the same as the Major Defect Survey, but provides more description and analysis of construction, as well as comments on cosmetic internal items.

A full building survey report is a level 3 report and is the upper level for pre-acquisition surveys.

The Building Survey aims to:

  • help you make a reasoned and informed decision when purchasing the property, or when planning for repairs, maintenance or upgrading of the property;
  • provide detailed advice on condition;
  • describe the identifiable risk of potential or hidden defects;
  • where practicable and agreed, provide an estimate of costs for identified repairs; and
  • make recommendations as to any further actions or advice which need to be obtained before committing to purchase

We inspect the inside and outside of the main building and all permanent outbuildings. We also visually inspect the parts of the electricity, gas/oil, water, heating, drainage and other services that can be seen, but these are not tested other than normal operation in everyday use.

Where practicable and agreed, we report on the cost of any work for identified repairs and make recommendations on how these repairs should be carried out.

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