Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA)

Severe problems can arise by lack of adequate insurance cover. Clients/Policy Holders are advised to re-assess the sums insured, with an annual adjustment to reflect inflationary effects, and a major review and reassessment every three years or whenever any extensions or significant alterations are made to the insured property.

RCA’s are generally made on the basis of total loss, or of such substantial damage that the entire building will require demolition and rebuilding. This is usually a requirement of your buildings insurance.The duty is now placed on the policy holder to assess the value of the sum insured.

Easton Bevins are able to undertake RCA’s for insurance purposes. To meet a high standard of professional competence and best practice, the RICS Practice Standards for the Reinstatement Cost Assessment of buildings is followed. Our particular experience covers individual dwellings, blocks of flats and commercial property.

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