Planned Maintenance Programme

Whether you own or oversee an office, block of flats or commercial building, an unexpected bill for urgent repair work is never convenient. 

Although funds may be in place to cover such an event, the most practical solution to avoid a significant expenditure and minimise the deterioration of your building is to be proactive and not reactive. 

A planned maintenance programme (PMP) is the most logical solution to help identify areas of your building that will need regular maintenance and areas that need urgent work, therefore allowing you time to accumulate the necessary funds.


the benefits of a pmp

Undertaking a planned maintenance programme allows the owner or management company to:

  • View a long-term programme that highlights urgent short term works and less crucial works
  • Arrange for funds to be collected, managed and a more accurate forecast of yearly expenditure to be produced
  • Plan work at the most convenient time for the occupiers
  • Ensures the building is kept in prime condition

A PMP covers everything from external and internal structural checks, condition of communal areas such as decoration and statutory consents, and condition of external areas such as car parks and roof structures.

Easton Bevins will undertake a detailed survey of your building so that we can identify and record the condition of the structure, services and communal areas. The survey allows us to use our vast experience to draw up a costed maintenance/schedule of works for the building. A planned Maintenance Programme supports:

  • Improved management of yearly expenditure
  • Ensuring the value of the property and its condition is best secured
  • Ensuring the standard of the building does not deteriorate
  • Continued compliance with statutory obligations

The reassurance and proactive planning that comes with a PMP significantly outweighs the cost, especially when compared to how much an emergency repair to a building can equate to. All costs will depend on the size and nature of the building.

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