Deterioration of flat roofs - Case Study


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In Brief:

Felt coverings to flat roofs generally have an average lifespan of around 15-20 years and can be prone to UV degradation, which causes splits and blistering to the felt.

Flat roofs should be installed to a slight fall to encourage rainwater to run off the covering. Once the covering is deteriorated, the risk of water ingress increases unless maintenance and repairs are undertaken.

Leaks over a period of time can cause deterioration to the flat roof joists and the internal finishes (photograph to the right). The roof will sag, exacerbating the issue due to further rainwater ponding on the covering (see photograph below). The cost of repair increases if leaks are not addressed promptly.

Easton Bevins obtains access to flat roofs by the use of ladders and extendable pole cameras where it is safe to do so. Drones are also used in some circumstances to gain a vantage point. The use of such equipment enables bespoke advice to be provided to our clients on the condition of flat roofs where they are sometimes inaccessible. 

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