working with developers

We often work with small to medium sized property developers to help adapt, extend or renovate existing buildings, or build new properties from scratch.

For these projects, return on investment is key. Through careful planning and specification we can reduce risk and help you achieve your business goals.

Our expert team can also ensure your project meets all the required Building Regulations and we can keep you informed of any potential challenges that might affect timings or impact profitability. 

Architectural Services

New build

We are highly experienced in working with property developers on new build projects and fully understand the need to carefully control costs and manage timings. 

As a multidisciplinary consultancy, with expertise across all aspects of the construction industry, we can offer a wealth of advice and support throughout.

Developers we have worked with say having professional support to ensure required Building Regulations were met, cost efficincies achieved and work completed in a timely fashion was an immense benefit. 


As a property developer you may be considering renovating a building as part of a project.  

Renovating is seen as a far more sustainable alternative to knocking down and replacing, especially when you are able to salvage and reuse any of the original construction materials.

As a multidisciplinary consultancy with expertise across all aspects of the construction industry, we can offer support throughout, helping you achieve a cost efficient, successful outcome. 

Change of use

If your new development requires adapting or converting an existing building into something new - such as turning city centre offices into residential dwellings - you will need to apply for a change of use.

From inception to completion Easton Bevins can help property developers with change of use projects including planning application, and design and management of the construction works. 

As a multidisciplinary consultancy with expertise across all aspects of the construction industry we can support clients and facilitate a smooth process throughout your project.  


Conversions are an interesting and exciting area of architecture. We really enjoy helping reimagine and convert an existing space to create someting new - breathing new life into the building and, potentially, increasing its value. 

Whether you are converting barns into a residential complex, or empty offices into elegant apartments, we can help.   

Conversions can have their challenges. As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, with expertise across all aspects of the construction industry, our experienced team can offer support and facilitate a smooth process throughout your conversion project. 

Lease plans

Lease plans are required in any new lease to confirm exactly what land, or parts of a building, are being passed over to a tenant.

For any developer planning to rent out property it is essential that this is recorded properly and in line with the wording of the lease.

We regularly assist our clients with producing lease plans and can ensure that the process is undertaken smoothly and quickly.

Grange school refurbishment - Berkshire

The Grange School is an independent, co-educational school in Thatcham, Berkshire providing day placements for children and young people with autism. It offers a nurturing environment where pupils feel supported and safe, and can learn, grow and flourish.

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New garden centre hub - Dursley

The site, a former garden centre to the western edge of the market town of Dursley and set in 20 acres of woods and fields, provided the location for a new larger replacement centre designed to incorporate a restaurant, shop, deli, coffee hut, garden shop and gardens.  

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High street conversion from retail

The 21 Regent Street architecture project involved the extension and conversion of an existing high street retail unit with disused storage and offices above.

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