We often work with architects to help ensure that their creative concepts can be brought to life. 

We have an in-depth knowledge of the practicalities of building works as well as in-house expertise covering all aspects of construction. 

This enables us to take a concept design and turn it into reality, identifying any elements that might hinder or prevent its creation.

Addressing any challenges at the drawing stage allows us to help other architects realise their vision - without the drama.

Architectural Services

We take a very pragmatic approach, focusing on the details and the intricacy of buildings, as well as the grander concepts.

We can collate the construction details and produce a set of plans that the contractor can follow from start to finish.

The level of detail that we produce provides confidence for everyone involved in the project. It also reduces time in planning, time on site and, importantly, risk.

Our service includes: 

  • Spatial coordination - deleloping the detail of the design 
  • Planning applications 
  • Review value objectives and ensure these are met throughout the project 
  • Technical design - produce specifications and review and specify building systems 
  • Manufacturing and construction - manage tender process and prepare building contracts and Health and Safety 
  • Project management - cost control and quality control 
  • Review value objectives and ensure these are met throughout the project
  • Handover and provide documentation relating to building regulations and Health and Safety

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