Roof space condensation - Case Study


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In Brief:

Roof spaces need ventilation to reduce condensation and timber-related defects forming, especially during the winter months.

When condensation forms, water droplets (top right photograph) and black spot mould (bottom right photograph) can form on the underfelt and insulation. The roof timbers can also become saturated and stains occur.

Bitumen underfelts (top right photograph) will impede moisture from evaporating from roof spaces. Insect attack (bottom photograph) thrives in timbers with higher moisture content which can cause widespread deterioration and compromise the structure of the roof over a prolonged period of time. 

Condensation can be managed by the use of vapour permeable underfelts, soffit, tile, and ridge vents. 

Roof spaces are not usually inspected by clients when they agree to buy a property, and defects relating to roofs are not uncommon. 

Easton Bevins undertakes thorough roof inspections to identify defects with the use of equipment such as moisture meters. As the cost of roof repairs can be expensive, obtaining professional advice enables our clients to make informed decisions.

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