Michael Bull - Expert of the Year for Boundary Disputes in 2023. news image

Michael Bull - Expert of the Year for Boundary Disputes in 2023.

Posted 13 Feb 2024   By Easton Bevins

We are delighted to announce that Managing Director of Easton Bevins, Michael Bull, has been selected by Lawyer Monthly as Expert of the Year for Boundary Disputes in 2023.

Lawyer Monthly is a news publication featuring the latest news, deals, appointments, and expert insights from legal professionals around the Globe. Each year it publishes a list of the winners of the Expert Witness Awards to honour the individuals who act as expert witnesses and recognise their important contribution to the legal industry.

A highly experienced surveyor and civil engineer, Mike acts as an expert witness for land boundary disputes. He is regularly appointed by the courts, solicitors, companies, and individuals to act, and provide advice on boundaries, access, rights of way and other land related disputes. He is experienced in working with both small domestic owners and large developers with complex sites and conditions.

Lawyer Monthly says, “Being an expert witness involves knowing every detail, risk, and outcome that might be of a particular scenario. Even if the Expert is experienced and thorough on all aspects of the scenario, discrepancies can only be found by the best.

Our winners this year will be recognised on their ability to overcome the difficulties of online assessments and evaluations, as well as being a part of remote hearings, disallowing the pandemic to prevent them from playing a significant role in the justice system.”

Read the full article here.

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