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Women in Property National Student Awards

Posted 20 Oct 2023   By Easton Bevins

Emily Buckeridge shares her story of the 2023 Women in Property National Student Awards.

The Women in Property National Student Awards were set up to help encourage female degree students studying the Built Environment and promote the careers options available to them. The awards also highlight the importance of the industry linking with Universities early on in the education process.

Second year female students demonstrating a passion for the industry and performing well in their studies can be nominated for the Awards. Easton Bevins building surveyor, Emily Buckeridge, a finalist in the 2023 Women in Property National Student Award shares her story.   

“I found out I’d been nominated for the award in October 2022, and successfully completed my application with the help of one of my lecturers. The assessments took almost a year, finishing in September 2023. It was a long process, but still allowed plenty of time to focus on university work. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and take advantage of the many additional services available to participants.  

“Regional interviews took place in February and included both technical and opinion-based questions. Nominees also had to prepare a 10-minute presentation on a specific piece of work and take part in a 10-minute question-and-answer session.

Women in Property Awards 2023

“The regional awards were held in Bath in May, attended by many local companies, as well as the judges and guests of the nominees. It was a busy event and a great opportunity to network and get to know people in the industry. I particularly enjoyed being able to meet and speak to lots of local companies and build connections. There were 14 nominees at the regional awards, as one of two lucky winners for the southwest region, I progressed on to the finals.

“The national final took place in London at the end of September. Participants undertook final interviews before attending the awards ceremony - all on the same day. These interviews focused on personal opinions and industry experience. The questions were thought-provoking and challenging, but the process felt comfortable and the judges were respectful, approachable and genuinely interested in our opinions.

“The final awards were held at Claridge’s that evening and attendees included the national judges, friends and family, and many of the regional judges and sponsors. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet other regional winners and get a better understanding of their courses and roles in the industry. It was also enlightening to talk with the team and sponsors who had supported me throughout and receive advice and insights from them.

Women in Property Awards 2023

“We all enjoyed a delicious 3-course meal, and listened to inspirational talks from different speakers, one a former National Student Award winner. This year’s winner was a woman who I’d got to know quite well and I was delighted for her. There was a huge sense of pride in the room, especially from the other finalists.

“Being part of the 2022-2023 Women in Property National Student Awards has not only helped me unlock skills and opportunities, it’s also introduced me to people I hope to be able to work and grow with in the future. It’s an amazing opportunity for women and a brilliant way of supporting the next generation in the industry. Being one of the final 13 out of over 100 applicants is something I feel proud to have achieved.”

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