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Media, RAAC and maintenance mindset

Posted 12 Sep 2023   By Easton Bevins

Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) is a lightweight material that was used predominantly between the 1950’s and 1990’s as a cheaper alternative to standard concrete.


Over the decades, various issues have arisen with the installation of RAAC planks in ceilings, walls and floors. Most notably, some planks have lost structural integrity via water ingress, some have sagged and cracked over time, and some have sheared at their edges due to ineffective steel reinforcement detailing. This has led to some instances of collapsed roofs and walls.

Next steps

Building owners and managers should have their properties inspected immediately should they suspect the possibility of RAAC having been used in their construction. These buildings should then be evaluated for both the presence of RAAC and the structural integrity of the panels. 

Holistic view

Whilst RAAC has had significant media exposure of late, the issues detailed above have been recognised by industry professionals for several years and Easton Bevins has extensive experience in this field. 

Some clients who have commissioned us to undertake Preventative Maintenance Programmes have had issues with RAAC identified several years ago. They have therefore been able to budget for its evaluation and, in some cases, wholescale removal, over a longer timeframe and in a strategic manner. This demonstrates just one benefit of proactive maintenance planning in comparison to undertaking reactive maintenance as-and-when-required.

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